why to use live loops in your music production


Why Use Live Loops In Your Music Production?

Ever asked yourself: should I use loops in my productions? Alive Loops offers an exciting way to add a human touch to your music production. With our free loop pack, you can get a taste of the high-quality live-recorded loops we offer in our endless growing catalog of loop packs.

1. Creativity

Using live recorded loops can add a new level of creativity to your tracks. By incorporating loops into your productions, you can add elements that you may not have been able to create on your own, such as unique grooves and rhythms. May it be some live recorded drum loops, piano loops, saxophone, sitar, or strings, ALive Loops aims to provide the highest quality loop packs and create the connection between creators of any level. Besides the use for music production, you can also use them while practicing or teaching. Use loops to jam along with or get inspired by, which can help you come up with new ideas for your own compositions.

royalty free synth loops for music production

2. Royalty Free

All of our loops are cleared for commercial use, so you can use them in any production without worrying about any legal issues. Plus, when you download loops from Alive Loops, they are yours to keep forever. You can use them over and over again, helping you to maintain your creative momentum.

3. Live Loops

One of the unique features of ALive Loops is that all loops are played live, by professionals from all over the world. Search for loops by instrument, genre, or BPM, making it easy to find the perfect loop for your project. Additionally, you can get in touch with the creators behind the loops, connect with them, or  even request  them to record certain loops that you are searching for.

Start exploring the endless possibilities of live recorded loops by heading over to ALive Loops today!

4. Sell Your Own Loops

As a musician with a (home)studio, creating and selling loops packs is an exciting way to be active in the studio. 
Having a constant short term goal, gaining valuable studio experience, and creating an extra income while doing so.

Getting your name out there in the world by sharing your sound, and getting in touch with all other creators on the platform.

ALive Loops is exciting to announce that it is possible for you to start selling your own loop packs now! Curious? Sign up to become an ALive Creator

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Sell your own loops!

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