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What's in it for you?


Getting your name out there in the world by sharing your sound, and getting in touch with all other creators on the platform.


Having a constant short term goal by creating a loop pack from your own (home) studio. Gaining experience with recording your own instrument, experimenting with sounds, microphones and mixing.

Passive income

Create a pack once, keep earning forever! Selling loop packs is the most fun way to realise a passive income for yourself.
Create your own live loop pack

So what is the ideal loop pack in our vision? First of all, it is a live recorded instrument! The creator picks 1 style, 1 bpm, and contains useful intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, breakdown and outro loops. Create packs that have a maximum of 50 loops. Got more than 50 loops? Create a volume 2, 3 or 4, which you can sell together as bundles as well. 

How to upload your loop pack

So you have created your first loop packs? GREAT! Now it is time to upload them and start building your own portfolio. You can create your own ALive Creator profile, with a personal bio, profile picture. With uploading the packs it is important to think of a good name for the pack, a pack image. Also add a short description that will be shown on the website describing the pack, the bpm, amount of loops, the way you recorded it and which sound and style you went for. 

Pricing Details and Policy

Price per loop, packs

We pay every creator €0,25 per loop for every time that the pack gets sold. Does the pack contain 50 loops? Then you will receive 50 x €0,25 for every time this pack is getting sold, for as long as the pack is on the platform.

Price per loop, bundle

Did you create 3 or 4 packs in the same sound, bpm of the same session, then you can bundle these. This bundle is an extra product on top of your regular pack, and we will pay every creator €0,20 per loop, for every time this bundle is getting sold.

In all circumstances

In case we will do a giveaway action, a 50% discount, or any other similar promotional actions this will not influence the creators side of income! So the price per loop for both regular packs as bundles will always be the same for you as a creator.

Driving Growth: Investing in your succes!

We’re here for you, the heart and soul of our platform. After taxes, every ounce of profit fuels our commitment to your journey. We invest strategically, fostering company growth, amplifying our reach through dynamic marketing, and expanding opportunities for artists like you.

The investment powers ongoing platform development, creating a secure and inspiring space for your creativity to flourish. And rest assured, we don’t claim salaries from the profit. Our sole focus is reinvesting in the platform and community, empowering you to thrive.

Together, we’ll unlock new heights of success, as we relentlessly reinvest to fuel your artistic brilliance.

Fixed price per pack

On our platform, all packs will have a fixed price, depending on their size. All of our packs contain between 20 and 50 loops, going up in steps of 5, or are a bundle of multiple packs. The total price depends on the amount of loops the product contains.

Meet ALive Creators

Teun van Zoggel


“Recording an acoustic instrument is always both a very exciting-yet pain in the ass kind of experience. Re-creating that fitting or inspiring sound you have in your mind, is still one of the most challenging things to do. 

A constant experiment of trying to align the way the instrument itself sounds like, the tuning, demping, way of playing, the type of room you record it in, the acoustic treatment of the room, the type microphones you use, mic placement, type of amps, pre-amps, eq’s, compressors, way of mixing, name it.. An ever changing chain of options that will make sure this process will never get boring!


After years of just messing around I figured out that for me personally this proces is the most fun when it has a goal to it. During the first lockdown of the pandemic, early 2020, I wanted to get more in to recording and decided to create some loop packs.

Having this small term goal of thinking of a concept, thinking the right set-up, and creating a pack, was one of the most exciting things to do! 

From there on I slowly got more into expanding my own studio and recording for others as well, which has been a blessing! 

Teun van Zoggel


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