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Getting your name out there in the world by sharing your sound, and getting in touch with all other creators on the platform.


Having a constant short term goal by creating a loop pack from your own (home) studio. Gaining experience with recording your own instrument, experimenting with sounds, microphones and mixing.

Passive income

Create a pack once, keep earning forever! Selling loop packs is the most fun way to realise a passive income for yourself.
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Teun van Zoggel


“Recording an acoustic instrument is always both a very exciting-yet pain in the ass kind of experience. Re-creating that fitting or inspiring sound you have in your mind, is still one of the most challenging things to do. 

A constant experiment of trying to align the way the instrument itself sounds like, the tuning, demping, way of playing, the type of room you record it in, the acoustic treatment of the room, the type microphones you use, mic placement, type of amps, pre-amps, eq’s, compressors, way of mixing, name it.. An ever changing chain of options that will make sure this process will never get boring!


After years of just messing around I figured out that for me personally this proces is the most fun when it has a goal to it. During the first lockdown of the pandemic, early 2020, I wanted to get more in to recording and decided to create some loop packs.

Having this small term goal of thinking of a concept, thinking the right set-up, and creating a pack, was one of the most exciting things to do! 

From there on I slowly got more into expanding my own studio and recording for others as well, which has been a blessing! 

Teun van Zoggel


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 100% royalty free! All loops are cleared for commercial use.

You will find all your purchased packs in your ‘dashboard’ – ‘purchases’ . If it seems you didn’t receive it, please check your junk / spam mail or contact us.

The loops are compatible with all DAW’s (digital audio workstation), like Ableton, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Cubase, Studio One etc. that support .wav files.

Yes, the loops can be used in your own music production, both commercially and non-commercially. Of course you use them to jam along with, for music lessons, or just to get inspired.

No, credits are not obligated although the musicians on our platform would appreciate it! Always feel free to reach out to them.

Yes, this is just the beginnen! New loops are added regularly to the website in different styles, genre and bpm. Want to sell loops yourself? Become A-Live Creator!

If you like the sound or style of a specific loop pack, but couldn’t find the right loops you can directly get in touch with the creator! Get in touch, and request them to record your tune, album, or custom made loop pack.

Yes, there will be discounts, promotions and giveaways available on a regular base. Subscribe to our newsletter, or keep your eye out on our website and socials to stay up to date about our promotions!

No, (re)selling or sharing these packs or separate loops is strictly prohibited ánd prosecutable. We try to price our packs as reasonably as possible!

Yes, you can get in direct contact with the musicians on our platform and ask them for a remote recording session! You can also send us your request, if you want to have specific loops or instruments.

Yes it is! Become ‘A-Live Creator’ and start selling your loop packs right away.

A-Live Creators create loops packs from their own studio, in their own style and sell them via A-Live Loops. With these loop packs you create a portfolio of different sounds, that can be purchased. It is a great way to make a name as a remote recording musician, and gain some extra income!

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