Yes, 100% royalty free! All loops are cleared for commercial use.

You will find all your purchased packs in your ‘dashboard’ – ‘purchases’ . If it seems you didn’t receive it, please check your junk / spam mail or contact us.

The loops are compatible with all DAW’s (digital audio workstation), like Ableton, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Cubase, Studio One etc. that support .wav files. 

Of course you can also just play them via iTunes while jamming along.

Yes, the loops can be used in your own music production, both commercially and non-commercially. Of course you use them to jam along with, for music lessons, or just to get inspired.

No, credits are not obligated although the musicians on our platform would appreciate it! Always feel free to reach out to them.

Yes, this is just the beginning! We aim to become the biggest catalog of live recorded loop packs. New loops are added regularly to the website in different styles, genre and bpm. Want to sell loops yourself? Become A-Live Creator!

Yes it is! You can now record and sell your own loop packs. Become ‘ALive Creator’ and start selling your loop packs right away.

Via this way you can build your own portfolio, share your own style and sound with the world, gain valuable studio experience, expand your network and gain an extra income. 

In our vision, the ideal loop pack is recorded live by a musician and contains between 20 and 50 loops. It could be with any instrument, in any genre.

For the pack pick 1 bpm, 1 sound, 1 style and start recording. Try to implement intro, verse, chorus, build up, breakdown loops so that producers can make arrangements. 

Got more then 50 loops? Create vol.1, vol.2, vol.3 or vol.4 packs, which you can eventually sell as a bundle as well. 

Check out this video to get to know more.

We try to make the deal as appealing as possible for the creators on our platform. We decided to go for a ‘price per loop’ construction.

For regular loop packs we pay €0.25 per loop in the pack, for every time the pack is sold, for as long as the packs are on our website.

For bundles we pay €0.20 per loop in the pack, for every time the bundle is sold, for as long as the bundles are on our website.

In case of discounts, giveaways, or other promotional purposes, it will be on our account and not influence the above!

See license agreement in your ALive Creator dashboard for detailed information.

You don’t have to think about the pricing of the pack. On our platform, all packs will have a fixed price, depending on their size. 

So we have a total of 8 price categories which are:

  • packs with 20 loops (fixed price)
  • packs with 25 loops (fixed price)
  • packs with 30 loops (fixed price)
  • packs with 35 loops (fixed price)
  • packs with 40 loops (fixed price)
  • packs with 45 loops (fixed price)
  • packs with 50 loops (fixed price)
  • bundles (fluctuates, depending on the amount of loops)

Yes, there will be discounts, promotions and giveaways available on a regular base. Subscribe to our newsletter, or keep your eye out on our website and socials to stay up to date about our promotions!

No, (re)selling or sharing these packs or separate loops is strictly prohibited ánd prosecutable. We try to price our packs as reasonably as possible!

ALive Creators create loops packs from their own studio, in their own style and sell them via A-Live Loops. With these loop packs you create a portfolio of different sounds, that can be purchased. It is a great way to gain valuable studio experience, have a constant short term goal, make a name as a remote recording musician, and gain some extra income!


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